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ADAWA - The Australian Dental Association Western Australia - is one of the main operating bodies representing dentists and their patients in Western Australia, aiming to provide outstanding support services, ongoing guidance, and industry updates to its members. ADAWA aims to promote the highest level of oral health in the community.


Our Partnership with ADAWA

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with ADAWA as we are sharing the same core values, vision, and beliefs. Together, we strive to improve WA dental practices and deliver first-class services to people seeking dental care.

Want to enhance the patient experience, maintain a high-performing team, and grow your dental practice? As a community member, ADAWA will encourage your ability to provide safe, high-quality professional oral health care.

How can ADAWA improve your practice and help you deliver excellent oral care?

A Broad Array of Incredible Benefits are Reserved for ADAWA Members

Continuing Professional

A range of CPD teaching sessions and resources, with great prices for members.

Monthly Western Articulator magazine and other
publications, including the Australian Dental Journal


Complimentary practice visits for practice accreditation and infection control advice.

Practice Accreditation

Complimentary access to Mediref secure encrypted messaging.

Mediref Access

Advice on human resources, contracts, practice management and industrial relations issues.

Business Advice

Legal advice and representation at cases before
statutory bodies.

Legal Advice

Access to a range of professional risk management educational resources and complimentary public and product liability insurances through Dental Protection
Limited (DPL).

Risk Management

Coordination of the Australian
Dental Health Foundation volunteerism, and giving ADAWA members the opportunity to be involved in promotional activities
such as Dental Health Week.

Volunteering Opportunities

A range of lifestyle benefits provided through the Federal ADA, as well as specific ADAWA Branchcorporate benefits, including offers on vehicle purchases, health insurance, travel, finances and more.

Corporate Benefits

ADAWA members have access to a closed, private Facebook Group.

Online Community

A like-minded community of peers providing support, advice, mentoring and professional insight via networking events and study groups.

Community and Meetings

Comprehensive professional
indemnity insurance via ADAWA, underwritten by MDA National Insurance.

Indemnity Insurance

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