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Line of credit that will help you scale your dental practice

Unlock ROI potential in your practice by securing bulk inventory discounts, increasing patient consultations, and maximising gross billings with an on-demand facility optimising cash flow in your business

Fast, low cost, flexible, revolving line of credit exclusive to healthcare professionals

24 hour approval turnaround

Interest only with ability to draw down funds up to 24 times per year without additional fees

Up to $150,000, Unsecured

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We offer complete finance solutions for business loans, practice purchase funding, fit-out finance, equipment rental & more.

Fast, Easy Access to Finance for Medical Professionals 

Medpro Finance specialises in lending exclusively to Medical professionals. We’re faster and more flexible, offering unparalleled speed and structuring flexibility. 

Whilst your everyday transactional needs are best met by your bank, we can offer complementary lending solutions with transparency and personalised service.


What their clients say

"Just wanted to say thanks again...Matt’s support and advocacy for myself during this process has been unmatched and sincerely appreciated"

Dentist, NSW
(MedproAccess & Business Loan)

The days of calling up the bank manager for a quick OK have gone. If you want to deal with a no-fuss company that understands our profession, that responds in-person and promptly, I have to say Ross Andrews and his team at Medpro are to be highly recommended.

GP, South Australia
(MedproAccess & Business Loan)

Why Medpro Finance?

Fast, flexible lending solutions for forward-thinking medical professionals.

Our experienced staff have been helping dentists, doctors, pharmacists and other health practitioners seize opportunities with confidence for over 25 years.

Immediate access to funds

Full discretion regarding our credit decisions and a commitment to transparency, service and integrity. By providing a fast, flexible alternative to banks, we make for an ideal finance partner to help our clients grow their business and, as a result, their personal wealth.

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