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Finally, a DENTAL STOCK ORDERING AND MANAGEMENT System That is Fast, Simple and Cost-Effective

Now you can see all of your supplies, connect suppliers, order, and manage stock within one application!


Simplify and Automate Your
Stock Management

Take the hassle out of your stock processes. Now you can manage your inventory and organise your stockroom without frustration, confusion, and wasting time. With Invedent:

You will scan products out

Get alerts when products are running low

Have visibility into stock levels

Automate your ordering and much more

Track and order
all of your dental stock in one place

Invedent is a cloud-based system specifically tailored for the dental industry that allows you to automatically create and send orders to all of your suppliers, shop around for the best prices, and move from manual, paper-based stock management to an automated, quick and efficient inventory process.


Create an Account and Make an Order Within Minutes

Focus on your patients, and let us take control of your entire practice's ordering process. Invedent is your ‘one-stop shop’, state-of-the-art platform that enables you to:

Browse thousands of products from your preferred suppliers

Create a purchase order at a click of a button

Track backorders

And much more...all in one place

Why Choose Invedent?

Free up 8 hours a week for more productive tasks

Effective time management plays a vital role in making your clinic successful. That’s why Invedent helps you free up to 8 hours a week to spend with your patients or on other meaningful operations around the practice.

Scalable process that grows with your business

Running a successful business does not have to be harder than practising dentistry. Invedent provides you with a scalable process to help you gradually grow your business and increase cost-efficiency.

Increase your practice’s bottom line and valuation

When you are able to shop around for the best prices and achieve the best possible inventory turnover ratio, you unlock your practice’s profit potential and significantly increase its valuation.

Quick and free training for all staff members

Invedent provides free training for all staff members and 24/7 assistance so that anyone in the practice can easily manage ordering and stock processes without relying on a key employee.

Ready to get started?

Enjoy all the amazing features Invedent has to offer and start saving your practice time and money.

Always know what you pay

Simple subscription-based pricing model with no hidden charges.

Still have questions ?

Book a demo call with our team to chat about how Invedent can help.



Watch this case study with Claudia from Dental Quarters to understand how Invedent has worked for them after using Invedent for a year.

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