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At Invedent, we only focus on stock management and efficiency. So if you are still performing manual stocktakes, tracking stock levels on paper or managing suppliers via excel, then we can show you how you can dramatically improve the use of your stock whilst saving money and freeing up time for more productive tasks.


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Proud Partners of ADAWA

We are incredibly proud of our partnership with ADAWA as we are sharing the same core values, vision, and beliefs. Together, we strive to improve WA dental practices and deliver first-class services to people seeking dental care.


The Invedent system provides fast, accurate and automated stock tracking, stocktake and ordering.


Real time, simple and efficient stock management

One button in/out scanning of products
At a glance insights into stock levels
Automatic alerts when stock is running low
Manage multiple practice locations from the one system
Instantly generate purchase orders for each supplier


Immediate and long term savings and cost benefits

Forecast future stock usage, to plan for busy periods
Save on staff wages
Never again having to throw away expired stock
Create stock budget goals and never overcapitalise on stock again
Save on accounting fees
Invedent™ is fully tax deductible for eligible businesses in Australia


Smart systems and recommendations to optimise your stock

Artificial intelligence and machine learning recommends minimum and maximum levels of stock
Smart recommendations to save money
Semi-automated stock tracking and scanning
Product expiry optimisation

Best practice features for:

Dental Practice Owner

Practice Manager


Dental Assistant

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How does our stock management system benefit you?

Stock Management

Real-time insights into current stock levels eradicating the need for re-counting stock when re-ordering, meaning a significant productivity boost for the practice.
Notifications of product expiry, or low stock to avoid not having products for patients and allows the practice to maximise profits.
Access to Invedent's product list that the practice can use to update their stock with the latest products from all manufacturers, saving time by having everything in one place.
Provide access to staff from multiple practice locations so the practice has full product transparency and accountability to better track stock and budgets.

Semi-automated Scanning

Quick 2-Step Scanning-out of products allows automatic tracking of stock from the stock-room from any mobile device, for more reliable stock count and shorter patient wait times.
Bulk scanning of new stock allows quick scanning to update stock count from large re-orders within minutes, reducing the average time spent in the stock room.
Use the "Invedent™ Scanner" or your own mobile device within the stock room to get 24/7 access to the practices stock levels, reducing reliance on a single key team member and stock tracking document.
Simple and intuitive interface to support anyone of any technological capability to use the application, allowing a new user to learn, understand and master the system in minutes.

Reports and Budgeting

Track stock and estimate expenditure across various suppliers to optimise throughput of products to dental procedures, to improve patient and practice profitability.
Automatic stock usage forecasts provide insights into future expenditure, allowing the practice to budget more effectively.
Set monthly budget goals for the team to follow, and set prompt alerts for when staff are reordering or re-stocking products to drastically reduce unnecessary overspending.
Automatic recommendations on how the practice can save money to maximise ROI (return on investment) and improve the stock management processes across one or many dental practices.

Product Road Map

[COMING SOON] Receive recommendations on which products and quantities to re-order based on augmented intelligence tracking, to heavily reduce the reliance on reminders from the practice team.
[COMING SOON] Product tagging for re-ordering to allow team members to inform the practice of products they may need now, later or never want again, semi-automating the re-ordering process .

[COMING SOON] Automatic Purchase Orders (POs), where members can tag products to re-order, and download POs from Invedent to save the practice time manually creating and sending orders.

[COMING SOON] Invedent™s "Recount Eradication (RE)" will ensure your practice has the confidence to place stock orders without re-counting stock levels, reducing practice costs and wastage.

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