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How it Works

Sync orders to supplier websites

  • Browse through thousands of products

  • Choose the items you need and in what quantity

  • Place an order across all suppliers within minutes

Receive stock when it arrives

  • Receive your order at the reception

  • Mark the items that have or haven’t arrived

  • Track partially received and complete orders

Set up your account

  • Create and set up your account in a flash 

  • Get free training and support

  • Learn the system in under 15 minutes

Streamline & automate your ordering processes

  • Always know what you need to order 

  • Get notified when stock is running low

  • Import running low items into your new order

Ready to get started?

Enjoy all the amazing features Invedent has to offer and start saving your practice time and money.

Always know what you pay

Simple subscription-based pricing model with no hidden charges.

Still have questions ?

Book a demo call with our team to chat about how Invedent can help.

Product Scanning

Use any device with a camera to scan out stock when it is running low 


Perform an accurate stocktake in under one hour, whether it’s a regular stocktake or before you buy or sell a practice

Stock Status

Get insights into inventory levels so that you know exactly what is on hand before running out


What to Explore Next?

Our ordering platform is directly integrated with a stock management system that enables you to manage your inventory with ease


Shop anywhere, anytime

Invedent is linked to all of your favourite suppliers, allowing you to order what you need when you need it. Create an Inventory from our catalogue, set your recommended order quantity, and Invedent will do the rest.


Instantly create orders across all suppliers in one place

Invedent will reference your in-stock quantities within a single click to instantly create orders across all of your suppliers based on your practice’s stock usage. Once your order is ready to be sent, Invedent will automatically place it across all suppliers, saving you countless hours browsing websites and comparing pricing.


Remove manual, paper-based invoice cross-checking

Confirm quantities that have arrived at the practice in a simple order reconciliation process that automatically tracks partial orders and backorders. The system will also add the quantities received to your inventory. Xero & MYOB integrations COMING SOON.


At a glance overview into what needs to be ordered

Keep on top of your orders with a simple dashboard that gives you a detailed overview of orders, budgets and monthly expenditure. When you are ready to place an order, the system will reference your in-stock quantities and automatically create orders across all suppliers within a couple of clicks.


Make better stock purchasing decisions

Set a monthly budget goal based on a fixed amount or % of practice turnover. Practices using Invedent are able to leverage data to make better purchasing decisions, forecast future stock usage and set achievable budget goals based on historical data.


Keep all your supplier information in one place

Connect all of your suppliers, account numbers, shipping and billing information to a single, easy to use interface. You can add all of your rep contacts so that you can always be connected with your suppliers' latest deals and offers.


Invedent’s stock ordering system allows you to instantly order all of your stock from your preferred suppliers at the click of a button.

Order All of Your Dental Supplies from One Place

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