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How it Works

Set up your stockroom in less than 2 hours

  • Place our location stickers in your stockroom

  • Create your stock locations in the application

  • Assign items to their respective location

Scan products out & track inventory 

  • Use a device with a camera to scan items out of stock

  • Determine optimal inventory levels

  • Get alerted when products are running low

 Order with Invedent

  • Browse our catalogue of 30,000+ items

  • Select the products you need

  • Place an order across all suppliers

Simplify & automate your stock processes

  • Import products that are running low into your order

  • Quickly track orders and backorders 

  • Forecast future stock usage and stick to a budget  


Invedent has helped hundreds of dental practices improve their workflows with automated stock management

Save up to 8 hours a week and never run out of stock again 

Ready to get started?

Enjoy all the amazing features Invedent has to offer and start saving your practice time and money.

Always know what you pay

Simple subscription-based pricing model with no hidden charges.

Still have questions ?

Book a demo call with our team to chat about how Invedent can help.

Automated Ordering

Import low stocked items and order quantities directly into orders across all suppliers

Order Reconciliation

Reconcile purchase orders with invoices with the highest levels of accuracy and speed

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create stock budget goals and predict inventory levels for future time periods


What to Explore Next?

Our stock management is directly integrated with an ordering system that allows you to instantly order stock from all of your suppliers


It all starts with your stockroom

Label all of your cupboards and drawers with our QR stickers and customise your locations in the system. Every item will have an assigned location, allowing any new staff member to instantly look up an item's location in seconds and making training as easy as ever.


Perform a stocktake in a few easy steps

Manual stocktakes are frustrating, time-consuming, and inefficient. Invedent will walk your staff through the process and update your in-stock levels in real-time, whether you’re checking quantities once a month, once a year, or on settlement.


Instant scanning of products in and out

Invedent works on any device with a camera and helps you scan products in when they arrive and out from your stockroom. Get rid of repetitive, time-consuming, labour-intensive physical counts and manual processes: no more whiteboards, post-it notes or giant spreadsheets to manage your stock.


Anyone can learn the system in 5 minutes

Invedent’s training centre means that if a staff member gets sick, goes on holiday or even leaves, anyone in the clinic can pick up the stock management and ordering duties without extensive training or experience.


Direct insights for better stock purchasing decisions 

Get full transparency over your monthly expenditures and ensure you are staying within your budget goal. Invedent will also forecast estimated stock expenditure and usage to provide you with the information you need to make better purchasing decisions.


Never run out of stock again

Invedent will automatically flag your items as ‘In Stock’, ‘Re-Order’ or ‘Overstocked’ so that you know the status of each item in your inventory and have full visibility into your stock levels. The system will help you balance supply and demand and avoid tying up cash by overstocking or running out of items on busy days.

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