Stock Management

Save up to 8 hours per week and never run out of stock again

Easily track stock across the practice utilising our stock management functionality.

Stock Locations

It all starts with your stock room

Label your stock areas with our stock location stickers allowing your team to use a mobile device to stocktake and order directly from your cupboards.

Reorder Statuses

Never run out of stock again.

Utilise our inventory tracking processes to generate a reorder list, and order across all suppliers in a few clicks. Forget those manual, paper based processes.

Product Scanning

Instantly scan products to track stock

Use any device with a camera to easily update your stock quantities. No more whiteboards, post-it notes or giant spreadsheets to manage your stock.

Ordering Recommendations

Let Invedent do the work

Get recommended how much you should order based on min/max parameters you can setup for each item. Don’t get caught over-ordering!

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