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Save up to 70% on your HICAPS Fees

Cut down merchant, debit and terminal fees which can save you hundreds of dollars per month on your HICAPS fees

HICAPS is Australia's premier provider of healthcare payment solutions, dedicated to streamlining the payment process for medical professionals and their patients. Our innovative terminals simplify claims and payments, allowing healthcare providers to focus on delivering exceptional care. With a commitment to enhancing practice efficiency and reducing administrative burdens, HICAPS has become a trusted partner for thousands of healthcare providers across Australia. Our mission is to provide seamless, efficient, and cost-effective payment solutions that support the needs of modern healthcare practices.

How the discount works?

HICAPS is offering a significant saving on fees, allowing you to save up to 70% on your HICAPS fees. Here's a breakdown of the offer for Invedent members compared to non-members:

  • Nab Merchant Fee:
    • Non Invedent Member: 1.1% (Single Rate)
    • Invedent Member: 0.35%, saving 0.75%
  • Debit Fee:
    • Non Invedent Member: $0.50 per transaction
    • Invedent Member: $0.18 per transaction, saving $0.32
  • Terminal Fee:
    • Non Invedent Member: $30.00 per month
    • Invedent Member: $25.00 per month, saving $5.00

These substantial savings make will assist with subsidising your HICAPS fees, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

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