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Joining ADAVB: Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch

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The Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch (ADAVB) is strongly committed to promoting the highest standards of professional dental care and improving the oral health of Victorians. As the voice of dentistry in Victoria, ADAVB is actively engaging in listening to the concerns of Victorian dental professionals and encouraging continuing professional development.


Our Partnership with ADAVB

Invedent is incredibly proud to partner with ADAVB, the peak body representing dentists and their patients in Victoria. Together, we aim to support Victorian dental professionals and provide them with the most efficient tools and services to work smoothly and promote high-quality oral health care for the community.

What are the top benefits of being an ADAVB member?

Explore all the far-reaching benefits that come with ADAVB membership

Expand your professional knowledge

  • Access to high-quality CPD

  • Leadership programs and other career development opportunities

  • A wide array of free resources 

  • Support for starting your own dentistry career path 

  • Comprehensive medicine information

  • Access to essential publications

  • Support with practice management and infection prevention

  • Access to ADA’s lifestyle benefits program to save on business services, entertainment, fitness and beauty, health, automotive, and much more

Enjoy discounts and rewards 

  • Receive free professional advice

  • Get discounted dentist liabilities insurance

  • Free advice on employment law and HR processes 

  • Legal advice on general, corporate and commercial law 

  • Counselling on personal or work issues

  • Get business, general and domestic insurance that best fits you

Get constant support and guidance

  • Connect and socialise with peers 

  • Participate in social and training events 

  • ADAVB will advocate on behalf of you and the community to promote the highest level of oral health

  • Get access to the Victorian Dentist magazine, ADA News Bulletin, Australian Dental Journal, and other relevant information

Grow your professional network

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