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Automated Ordering

Import low stocked items and order quantities directly into orders across all suppliers

Order Reconciliation

Reconcile purchase orders with invoices with the highest levels of accuracy and speed

Budgeting & Forecasting

Create stock budget goals and predict inventory levels for future time periods


What to Explore Next?

Our procurement system is directly integrated with a stock management platform that allows you to manage your inventory hassle-free


Intuitive, Linear Shopping Experience

Our dental procurement software was designed to be as easy as any other online shopping experience. This means that everyone in the practice can shop anywhere, anytime, on any device. Invedent’s marketplace allows you to browse through thousands of products in one place and access a bigger pool of suppliers and items to buy. 


Full Visibility into Stock Levels & Monthly Expenditure 

Get an accurate picture of your current inventory levels so you can track inventory in real time and know exactly how much stock you have on hand and where it’s stored. When placing a purchase order, Invedent will reference your in-stock quantities and provide you with comprehensive spending visibility. 


Automated Invoice Reconciliation

With Invedent, every staff member can reconcile invoices electronically, in a simple and quick process that confirms quantities arrived at the practice. The system automatically compares the purchase order and invoice so you know exactly if they match in items, quantity, and costs.


Supplier Information Management

Store, update, analyse your supplier data, and manage all of your rep contact information in a single location. This means you can always access accurate and readily available vendor information such as account numbers, shipping and billing details. 


Smarter Purchasing & Inventory Decisions 

Dental procurement software improves forecasting and enables you to make smarter and more informed decisions around inventory and items purchased. Invedent comes with data collection and analytical capabilities so you can set achievable budget goals and predict needed stock levels for a future period.


1-Click Order Creation

Invedent’s dental procurement platform uses real-time data to calculate your optimal order quantity based on your current inventory usage. All you need to do is select the items you want to order and the recommended quantity, and the system will automatically place your purchase order across multiple suppliers in a click.


Bring all of your dental supplies into one place, while also creating purchase orders at the click of a button, all within Australia’s most trusted dental procurement software 

Australia's Most Trusted Dental Procurement Software

Your Dental Procurement Experience Made as Easy as Online Shopping

Looking to purchase supplies for your dental practice and have real-time control over spending? 


With Invedent, you can simplify your entire procurement process. From shopping, to ordering, to confirming your receipt of products as well as managing supplier invoices, and more. 


No matter how complicated and time-consuming your current procurement process is, it can all be done through a single cloud-based platform in a quick and easy way. 


Everyone in your practice will love the way Invedent cuts ordering time in half (or more) so that you can free up time for more meaningful tasks around the practice.

With Invedent, you’ll also get full transparency over your monthly expenditure so you can always stay within your budget - all while supporting multiple locations. 

No more shopping around different sites, no more whiteboard reminders, no more emails, returned calls, and out-of-control supply costs.


With Invedent, you will create more time in your workday and save up to $7,000 per year per dental chair. And the best part, anyone in the practice can learn the system in as little as 5 minutes. 

Ready to Improve your Procurement Process?

Get started with Invedent and see for yourself how much our procurement solution can benefit your practice in terms of time and money.

Always know what you pay

Simple subscription-based pricing model with no hidden charges.

Still have questions ?

Book a demo call with our team to chat about how Invedent can help.

Start Ordering All of Your Dental Supplies from One Place

With Invedent, you spend less time managing your inventory and procurement processes and more time taking care of patients and delivering outstanding oral healthcare. 


We are aiming to help all dental professionals simplify inventory and procurement-related operations. That’s why we’ve partnered with ADA branches across Australia and companies that play an influential role in the dental industry.

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